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You may submit remembrances and prayers here through Sunday May 24th at 11:59 p.m. (HST). Remembrances submitted here will be placed onto a lantern that will be floated during the ceremony. For more information, please see Collective Remembrance Lanterns.

Please note that if you reside in Hawaiʻi or near a Shinnyo-en temple or training center, we encourage you to personally handwrite your remembrances in person.

Ten Most Recent Submissions

To: Socorro Abalos Winterberg
Auntie Corring, Not a day goes by that we don't miss you. The kiddos are growing up,and we're making sure that they will ALWAYS remember you. We love you and miss still hurts to think we lost you so soon, but we look forward to seeing you again. Love, Marilee and Jerolyn
Location: Fresno, California From: Marilee Monzon-Kong
To: Shawn Stone
Gone but definitely not forgotten, we love and miss you everyday Shawn! You will forever be in our hearts and memories and even though your time here was short, you impacted many people's lives for the better and that is a great legacy! Love you always!!!
Location: Williamstown, New Jersey From: Dad and Liz
To: Mom & Dad
I miss you both so much everyday. I will always love you and keep you in my heart always till time is no more.
Location: Pennsylvania From: Michelle
To: Bailey, Beschen, Layla and Shae
We miss you all everyday. Keep playing on the rainbows.
Location: Australia From: Amanda Ryan
To: James J. Daddana
Daddy, I miss you and love you so much. I dream about you so much I feel like your always around me. I feel comfort knowing Jimmy is with you. Watch over us and we continually share stories of you that make us laugh & I know at times your laughing at certain moments know them! love you jan
Location: Connecticut From: Janice Daddana Rousso
To: James Daddana
Jimmy, I miss you & love you more than words can say. Rest in peace my sweet, caring, loving brother, I have your back. Continue to visit me in my dreams. I feel you with me. We know each others hearts. I listen to your phone messages to keep you close. No need to thank me Jim, love you too... Jan
Location: Connecticut From: Janice Daddana Rousso
To: Ray and Carol Hougen
we miss and love you everyday mom and dad! It's been 10 yrs for mom and 7 yrs for dad but we miss you as much today as ever! Always hug heart to heart.
Location: lincoln city oregon From: Martha Jeanine and Tom and family
To: Jon Proulx
A Man whom truly took care of my Sister and his whole family well. You are so missed. My prayer for the many hearts awaiting to see you again in heaven. May your legacy continue to keep your family strong inside and out.
Location: Oceanside California From: Bernice Varela
To: Lawrence W. Cunha
Dad, we miss you so very much. I know you are with us in spirit and one day we will all be together again. Until then, keep watch over us and give us a sign every now and then. We love you and miss you deeply.
Location: Londonderry, NH From: Michele Gesualdo
To: Marion Miller
Dad, this August will mark two years since you've been gone & for me it seems like yesterday. Missing you & loving you...knowing you are I. A better place! Love, love, love you....Marti!
Location: Fredericksburg Texas From: Marti Hebert

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