Her Holiness Shinso Ito’s address

Date: May 30, 2016
Location: Honolulu, Hawai‘i

I’d like to introduce to you some words of inspiration from the Shinnyo Dharma as a focus for our contemplation today:

“By giving full expression to our buddha nature – to our innate goodness,
Through our thoughts and deeds we awaken our hearts and minds.
We awaken our eyes of wisdom.

“Love and compassion are mutual acts of giving and receiving,
and in their truest form are free of expectations of reward.
Therein lies a world of joy.”

When we encounter unexpected obstacles in our lives, we need look no further than within ourselves for strength. For it is within each of our efforts – every thought and every action – that we express our inherent love and compassion. Every step that we take forward, no matter how small, can make us powerfully aware of how our lives can be used to express goodness, and offer joy to those around us.

Try not to allow the obstacles of life hold you back. If you look around right now and see our togetherness, we can extend our hopes for the future through the light of these lanterns.

The founder of Shinnyo-en, Shinjo Ito taught, “Never underestimate the power of prayer that we all share.”

We are all here together, myself from Japan, many thousands of you gathered at Ala Moana Beach or watching on television or online. We are also joined by our loved ones. The intention of our hearts cannot be seen, but their effects can be made real. Joined with one another, our combined efforts to look beyond ourselves will have profound, far-reaching outcomes.

May our energies tonight kindle the light of our lanterns with genuine hope as they illuminate a path towards a brighter tomorrow.

◎『一如の善念は人々の心の眼を目覚めさせ、智慧の眼を輝かせる』  『慈愛を尽くせば、また慈愛を受け、受ける慈愛ではなく、尽くす慈愛こそ、まことの慈愛。そこに歓喜の世界はある』これは、真如教法の祈りの言葉です。

◎私たちが日常世界に生きる中には、思いがけない問題に直面することがあると思います。けれども、そうした困難の中にあっても、一如の善念を運ぼう、慈愛を表していこう[という]勇気もまた、私たちの中に備わっているのです。  そして、その行動に踏み出すことによって、ささやかでも、生きる尊さや喜びが生まれてきます。

◎日々の現実は厳しいこともありますでしょう。でも負けることなく、このように多くの方々と共に、灯籠に希望の祈りを込めていけることは尊いです。  真如苑の開祖・伊藤真乗は

Her Holiness Shinso Ito’s address given at Lantern Floating Hawaii

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