We naturally long to connect with and express love and gratitude to those we miss. Our thoughts, prayers, and commitment to actions that make a positive difference in the present and future will be gathered in a ceremony on May 25, 2020. May we have peace of mind and heart through feeling the interconnectedness of past, present, and future.

Ten Most Recent Remembrances

To: Carleigh and Caleigh Brooks
My beautiful daughters, how I miss you so much. Not a year, month, day, hour, minute or second goes by that I don’t think of the two of you. I gave you the gift of life, and life gave me two of my most precious gifts. You two are the inspiration behind who I am as a mommy. Forever, in my hear. *CCB
Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii From: Brittney Brooks
To: Daniel Riebow
Dearest Daniel Love, We miss your magic purple sparkles, wry smile, insights and wisdom, and incredibly loving and caring heart. While we know you are always with us, we miss you, and wish you were here in person to share in life’s joys and challenges. Your friends always, Siobhán & Kristin
Location: Honolulu From: Siobhán and Kristin
To: Florence "Collet" R Dela Cruz
My love it's been almost 4 years since you've been gone. It's been a tough road adjusting and raising our boys alone but I am stronger because of it. I feel your love still guiding us and wonderful memories you left live on in our hearts. #loveconquersall 1436 Love you always, Mel & da boys
Location: Waialua From: Rommel Dela Cruz
To: Bill Downs
When is comes to Ohana, you’ve got to talk about the ‘eha before you can talk about who was right & who was wrong, about causes & solutions. Ohana is the test of freedom, the family is the only thing the free man makes for himself & by himself. My Ohana is he proud of you Heaven? I Love you PopPop!
Location: From: Marisa Roessler
To: Hansel James Kalani Kalilikane Sr.
Ku'u Sweetheart Kalani, our lives forever changed, our hearts forever broken. We miss and love you with an excruciating pain that seems to never ease. We hear your voice in our hearts, we feel your presence and still look for you with disbelief. E ho'omaha I ka maluhia, rest in peace my KU'UIPO 143.
Location: From: Sharon Kalilikane
To: Fernanda Foltran
Fillha, eu te amo. Sinto vc todos os dias. Choro de saudades. Estou cuidando dos teus meninos. Mande tua luz pra Re e pro Guido. Eles precisam mais de vc. Vc estará sempre presente em nossas vidas!
Location: Curitiba. Paraná. Brasil From: Maria José Foltran
To: Terrence Garcia Guerrero
We can’t believe that you move on. It was so unexpected. We didn’t even get a chance to say good bye. There’s not a day that go by, that we don’t think about you. You will always remain in our hearts. You thought us, that serving others really matters, never judge others and family is everything!
Location: Wahiawa From: Kevin & Pam Guerrero
To: Alfred & Elizabeth Farias
Location: [email protected] From: Dana Farias
To: Benita Louise Wright
Mom two months has passed since you took your last breath. I know I disappointed you; you'll never know that I only wanted the best for you. Thank you for loving and being there for us. My breaking heart yearns for forgiveness for not coming home sooner. I love you and miss. God forgive and have mercy.
Location: Ohua, HI From: Brenda Hayes m
To: Gerard Molina
I hold you in my heart everyday. You are my inspiration to be a better person. You showed me how to find moments of smiles and laughter like the ones you gave me daily no matter how hot, tired or troubled you felt. You loved me unconditionally.
Location: Mililani From: Lee Ann Rotzien

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